16th – Reiki Revision
17/18/19th- Reiki Master Level
23rd- Mokshapatta Swaps
24th- Reiki Revision
25th- Ci Plus Revision
31st/ 1st Nov – Ci Plus Master Level
21/22/23rd Nov – Adv Remedial and Vastu
27th- Adv Tarot Orientation
28/29th- Adv Tarot Workshop
4th – Swar Gyaan Orientation
5/6th- Swar Gyaan Workshop
11th- i-Ching Orientation
12/13th- i-Ching Workshop
18th- Yoga Sutra Orientation
19/20/21st- Yoga Sutra Orientation
16/17th – Mokshapatta
22/23/24th – Basic Astrology
30/31st- Osho Zen Tarot
6/7th- Remedial Divination
13/14th – Super Adv Astrology
27/28th- Reiki level 1/2
12/13/14th March – Basic Astro
20/21st- third Dimension
27/28th- C i plus beginners
9/10/11th – Reiki Mastership
17/18th- Adv Astrology
24/25th- torus
8/9th- Swar Gyan
15/16th – moksha
21/22/23rd- Adv remedial and Vastu
29/30th- I- Ching
June 🟪🟦🟩
5/6th – Adv Tarot
18/19/20- adv remedial
25/26/27- Ci plus adv

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