Upcoming – Events – The Divine Sewa Sangh Festival

A celebration of Spiritual wisdom

Greetings from Sewa Sangha !
This year we move to Vrindavan and chant O! Krishna! The dates are December 9-11th 2016 ..
We would love you to part of this year’s Sewa .
Jai Shri Krishna
• Family Constellations based on the philosophy of Lord Krishna and characters of the Mahabharta .
• Practical Methodolgy to resolve every day conflicts in personal lives
• The Science of Self Realization
• . free will and karma from the Gita perspective
• lessons useful in various disciplines like administration, stress management, anger management, environment protection, health, etc
• Bhagavad Gita as a scientific treatise.
• a way to live meditatively and mindfully amidst the din and dust of modern life.
• Ayurveda wisdom- foods that heal
• Individual nadi anaylsis sessions
• Bhog-the food of the Gods
Evenings will be a time of celebration of the Brajbhoomi culture with traditional performances
1.Raas Leela
2.Phoolon Ki holi
3. Yamuna Aarti
Sunday will be filled with rituals and palable sense of divine as we participate in the Parikarma and partake Bhog , the temple food of India .
This is the time in which we break free from the normal stresses and strains
of everyday life and gather together in joy, reverence and peace and are
filled anew with a deep sense of bliss, reverence and spiritual connection
‘Seva Sangha’ at Brindaban from December 9-11th 2016, promises to be a time when you can know, experience and enrich yourself to bridge the gap and make a leap of faith in resolving conflicts in your every day life, with the blessings of the Lord.
Mentored and designed by Dr.Trupti Jayin .
Co-hosted by Ritali Omrita Dhillon – 098100 13640
Rajeev Bakshi -09312654133




Divine Sewa Sangha Festival

About Healing with Feeling Workshops

Healing with Feeling regularly holds workshops.

Start each morning with traditional yoga or awaken your energies with kundlini yoga. Monday mornings bring in peace and harmony with guided meditations, Tuesday is a day of Chakra cleansing and Wednesdays are days of self-discovery! Thursdays bring in Tai Chi and Zumba , Friday is a day of Sufi whirling and delving into the mysticism of Gurdjieff. Weekends are fun-filled with exciting workshops.

A Life of Love, Light and Laughter

Lets celebrate life together being healthy and happy!

Healing with Feeling Foundation is a charitable trust working in the field of spiritual learning and healing.

The objectives of the trust are achieved by holding workshops and collectives for spreading knowledge and spiritual techniques that serve to help an individual to define and deal with his life and existence and use these techniques and awareness to heal himself. We also hold Medical camps and help to fund education of children of economically weaker sections of society.

If you have any further queries I would be happy to answer them .
Om Shanti Shanti,

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