Ritali Aumrita

Ritali Aumrita is Holistic Energy Healing teacher & practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in various modalities . Her specialty is teaching Intuitive Tarot, Self Help Care & Coach (Creating – Joy workshops ), Face reading and body language courses. As each one is unique these courses are tailor made for specific personal needs.

Ritali is also certified in other healing practices such as Chakra healing , Jikiden Reiki, Bach Flower Therapy, EFt , Dowsing , Space clearing etc. She has her own Healing studio in New Delhi which is renowned to host powerful and life transforming workshops.

Ritali pursued intuitive reading practices and holistic energy therapies because of her desire to provide skills and tools to others so as to make them self-reliant, emotionally balanced and understanding of how to live to your full potential.

She is reputed to be one of the most gentle, patient, positive and inspirational teachers with over 15 years of experience. She remains focused on helping students find balance & inner peace in her self-empowering sessions.

Rajeev Bakshi

Rajeeve Bakshi is our Logistics Director and is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and planning logistics operations such as organizing workshops, hosting retreats, providing technical support and handling finances for Healing with Feeling Organisation.

He is a post graduate with 25 years of experience in logistics and revenue matters.

Ritalli & Rajiv