Face Reading Course

Do you often wonder how to understand people? Who is good for you and who or what may not work for you? whom to trust and who is not reliable?

Big eyes, small nose, wide mouth, forehead shapes, mole placements, hair quality, brain box ☺️😉😊😌😝the way a person stands or sits , acts or reacts …all tell us the truth and give us guidance in our relationships and everyday situations.

This ancient science can also give us insights regarding our assets, work, relationships, physical health and the energy body well-being.

Face diagnosis identifies the placement of sensory organs on our face & can be used to diagnose health issues and treat them with complementary healing methods along with clinical treatment.

  1. Physiognomy is the art of reading people’s personality traits from their facial features , expressions and body language.
  2. Research based on statistics showed that personality traits are connected to facial features with a 90% accuracy.
  3. The benefits of learning face reading increases our understanding of others, including gaining insights about the nature of their emotions , mindsets, characteristics, and intentions.
  4. Face diagnostics also gives us insights into health issues . The face is like a map of our internal body . All organs and energy systems ( the chakras ) can be located on the face and identified as points of healing.
  5. Very importantly it enhances our own personal effectiveness in everyday situations at home and work . It works as a force multiplier as It allows us to get insights and understanding of people without judgements.
  6. In addition it makes a wonderful contribution towards ourselves and the process in which we interact with others both personally and professionally.
  7. Interesting studies on the subject reveal how our Karma affects our face.
  8. We learn to be proactive and monitor the situation and understand the people involved and choose empathy or caution based on their facial features and body language .

One on one coaching starts Nov 2023.

Manual will be provided.

Certificate of completion will be issued.
Practice sessions will be available.
Life time association and support assured.
18 classes over zoom one on one
(Manual & Detailed charts provided)

Cost : 15 k if timings are between 12 to 6.
18 k if time zone is different.

Ritalli : 98100 13640.

Face reading body language