Green Stone LoboAstrology Simplified

Benefits of the workshop

  • Learn in 3 days (Plus 30 days of follow-up on Whatsapp) what is taught in 1 year or more in traditional schools.
  • Unravel the mysteries of your life and also demystify the lives of those who matter to you.
  • Decipher a horoscope like a pro using simpler, faster and duplicable techniques.
  • Improve your relationship with people in your lives.
  • Identify your destined path and excel in it
  • First step to being a professional Astrologer.

About the Facilitator

Greenstone Lobo has been a corporate Learning & Development professional for 22 years. Astrology is his passion and he has been into studying astrology since 1989. Greenstone is a research based astrologer with a personal collection of 15000+ horoscopes. He has more than 5000 clients across the globe. He is a consulting Astrologer to Cricketers, Bollywood stars & Politicians. Greenstone is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your TRUE Zodiac Sign?’. He writes a weekly column ‘OctoZone’ in the newspaper DNA since 2010. His columns focus on Sports predictions. Some of his famous predictions include India winning the Cricket World Cup in 2011, Australia winning the Cricket World Cup in 2015, Sri Lanka winning the Twenty20 World cup in 2014 etc. He was also widely publicized in electronic and print media recently for his prediction that P.V Sindhu will settle for a Silver Medal in Olympics and not win the Gold. Greenstone writes regular columns in Ananda Bazaar Patrika and He has also occasionally contributed to the Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Life Positive etc. Lobo has also featured on RadioCity, Radio One, Radio Mirchi and KCOR (USA).

Prerequisites for the Program

There is no prior knowledge of astrology required to attend the program. In fact, the program is specifically devised to help novices learn astrology faster.

Methodology of the Program:

The ‘Astrology Simplified’ program is the culmination of Greenstone’s 25+ years of research in astrology. It took him so many years of study, application, failures and research to figure out the correct way to decipher a birth chart. This workshop is an effort to help anyone who wants to learn astrology the right way and the fastest way. The subject is seemingly mysterious and complex but Greenstone’s endeavor is to make it as simple, practical and applicable as possible.

Backed with his corporate Learning & Development experience Greenstone has devised this program which uses all the modern methodologies to learn a new subject. The subject is treated from the perspective of the learner and with the group dynamics involved in learning. The learning happens in 3 stages. In the first stage, the learner goes through a simple ‘pre course-work’, to be read through which is about the necessary simplest basics of astrology. In the two days in the workshop, the learner builds up on his knowledge and further learns to apply the theories in real life situations. By the end of the program he not only knows to read a chart like a pro, but even knows to decipher the lives of people. The methodologies used in the program include audio-visuals, simulations, activities and exercises to retain and apply learning. The language used in the program would be conducted in simple, Basic English and Hinglish.

Syllabus covered in the program:

  1. Origins of astrology, basis of astrology, basics of astrology and how astrology works.
  2. Simple astronomy and connection to astrology.
  3. All about the birth charts and modern methodology to create a birth chart.
  4. The truth about zodiac signs and creating a personality profile.
  5. Learning to co-exist with people in your lives.
  6. Analysing the birth charts and understanding the various houses.
  7. Knowing about all the 12 planets that include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Chiron, Planet-X etc and how they influence our lives.
  8. Understanding the big theme of any life.
  9. Deciphering the various events that will unfold in a person’s life.
  10. Deciphering career, relationships, wealth, health status of a person using the birth chart.
  11. Case studies of about 100 horoscopes of famous personalities.
  12. Understanding your own life using the principles of the workshop.
  13. Applying the knowledge in birth charts of people in our lives.

30 days Post Program support

The participants would be a part of a Whatsapp group after the program. For the 30 days post the completion of the workshop, participants would apply their learnings via Whatsapp. Everyday a unique horoscope or a couple of horoscopes would be sent to the participants. The participant would decipher the charts and try and decode the secret of the charts turn by turn. By the end of the course almost 200 horoscopes would have been discussed and analysed threadbare. By the end of the 30 day support program, the participant will have the confidence to analyse any horoscope and decode the mysteries.

Program Venue:

Defence Colony, Delhi.

Program Investment:

Rs. 15000 which includes 3 days training course fees, pre-course work materials, special software training, course work book, food and certificate and also 30 days post program support on WhatsApp