A Day of the Dervish…

…the fire and the flow, the whirling silence
…connecting with yourself and all
the elements as they live within you.

Gurdjieff Sacred Dances are challenging, mesmerizing, energizing, flowing, centering and aligning. They help to create an environment in us to know ourselves.

This will be a day of experience…
Movements, whirling, zikr, presenting the ideas of The Fourth Way, sharing and discussion, breath and inner work…
…and a day of being in the joy of the physicality of our beings.

The Fourth Way:
George Ivanovich Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way is a way of seeking that includes conscious work on the three centers of our being – physical, emotional, intellectual, simultaneously to help us to wake up from automaticity and sleepwalking states of consciousness. The way in is through the Dances or Movements. The teachings, inner exercises, breath and the specially designed music support the process – a journey to inaccessible places within our being.

Led by Komal Mathur

A counselor, Gurdjieff Sacred Dances instructor, teacher of the Fourth Way, Transactional Analysis, Reiki and the Creative Process. I practice and teach tools of wellness and joy.