Lenormand Learning

February 3rd 2018 – 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

There is a lot of happy buzz about reading with Lenormand cards. Lenormand cards have simple images with amazingly concrete meanings . Readers often express how clear & meaningful the readings are when they use Lenoormand deck !

This deck requires no prerequisite skill of reading the oracle cards. Its language is fascinating, as it is simple. Its direct, candid and often blunt answers, are very often the need of the hour, when we are in dilemma zone. 36 cards with direct and simple imagery, takes you through a gamut of human emotion, akin to a film as it were.

A short history:

The deck is named after Marie Ann Lenormand , a fortune teller of great repute who lived in the times of Napoleon Bonaparte. She predicted for him, his empress Josephine, as for other royals at the time. Steeped in a 200 year old history, this deck gathers strength and repute as a powerful divinatory tool. A deck that dates back to 1800, finds a place in the museum at London.

Target audience :

Actually one and all can, as its easy and a lot of fun. But if one must zero down, I would say card readers, looking to expand horizons. If you are an accomplished tarot reader, you will take to this, as a fish takes to water. This deck will bring quick solutions when faced with quick everyday questions. Students, parents, counsellors; should look upon this as a stepping stone into the world of healing.

~ Zeno

Lenormand Learning