At an exotic location on the banks of mother Ganga, under strong guiding wings of Maa Gyaan, be healed and experience inner calm and tranquility.

We bring to you wisdom of the sages, the blessings of Nature and Consciousness. Take home the medicine of right thought. Have a deep understanding, & experience the balance of elements within.

take home a revived inner self…

Topics covered:

  • introducing the nature of panch maha bhootas
  • evolution of the elements
  • relationship of elements with our prana & mind
  • psychophysiological states
  • recognizing individual tattvas and finding the place of imbalance
  • 5 guided healing sessions for
    • Prithvi
    • Apas
    • Agni
    • Vayu
    • Akash
Tatva Shuddhi