Delhi get ready to learn the ancient oracle I- Ching with the phenomenal Maa Gyaan in Ritali Omrita’s energy laden space in Delhi on 5 th April 2020❄🎆✨

There are ups and downs, night and day, rain and sunshine, hot and cold, ins and out, sweet and sour, good and evil, pain and pleasure, sadness and joy, in this world. All these, and everything else that is , is governed by the principle of constant change. Everything passes …
Says the wisdom of the I’Ching
# learn about the 64 keys of the inner mind
# change and the harmony of our personal center
# acting when the time is right
# how to ask the I’Ching for guidance
# synchronicity, future in our mind
# everyday meanings of the trigrams and hexagrams made simple
# formulating questions, the right way to ask
# bringing positive outcomes from negative indications
# facing facts
# opposites in life, reconciling the opposites
In Delhi on 5th April 2020 at an introductory fee of INR 10,000/- if registered before 5th March 2020 while INR 11,000/- 6th March 2020 onwards ..
Rising and falling is a progressive evolutionary advancement, everything is in a process of continuous change. I’Ching is a perfectly unified symbolic system that can define the situation of the self, an oracle that can say a lot about the past present and future …
This workshop opens insightful down to earth practicalities from the Chinese book of changes …
The I-Ching is a dvination tool based on cleromancy, which produces random numbers forming a Hexagram providing guidance for decision making as informed by Buddhism ,Taoism & Confucianism. The casting of lots which might seemingly be random , are believed to reveal your true purpose and act as a divine guide to help you make informed choices & decisions.
More importantly, though, is its use as a book of wisdom. Because the readings it gives are simple, yet elegant, profound, and intuitive🌹

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