Date: 22nd & 23rd May’21

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about the workshop :
Cowries represent the protection field of Goddesses , and is a highly powerful divination tool. They have a deep connection with the strength and power of the Ocean and the moon.
Explore various traditions associated with the cowries divination with Maa Gyaan Suveera. Learn simple spreads for answering questions, get clarity and clear directives through wisdom and knowledge…

# Afro- American system of casting cowries for divination
# traditional Indian methods of using cowries
# initiation & learning the powerful tantric ganapatya tradition of cowries divination
# setting the energy field & preparation
# invocation mantra and vidhi to sanctify the cowries
# Ethics and thought guidelines
# casting and observing omens
# list of omens associated with the cowries reading
# short readings and elaborate readings
# practice session with students