CI Plus Teachers Training  with Maa Gyaan

From inner growth and higher energy access,  to increasing personal magnetism, this program is a shell for grooming a good Meditation teacher.

Dates – 25/26/27 June 2021

Workshop Details
A must-do workshop for all those who wish to teach meditation to others as guides, healers and life-coaches.
Trained by the founder herself, the Ci Plus Teacher’s Training level is  not to be missed …

Topics covered

# higher cosmic responsibilities, diet , and spiritual discipline
# laws of meditation
# laws of peace
# ladder of evolution
# vassnas and causal body
# karma kriya ( preparation to be a master/ teacher/ trainer )
# initiation process
# planning and structuring your meditation class
# ethics for a teacher / trainer
# confidence gaining kriya ( improving subtle communication )

Scanning and Divining Online Workshop June 2021

Maa Gyaan Suveera

5th & 6th June 2021
Timing – 1:30 pm IST to 4:30 pm IST

tools for inner communication and healing

Learn the skill of remote sensing and scanning, and design your personal inner work communication board.

Topics :
# blindfolded healing vs healing with awareness
# fundamentals of remote scanning
# a practical scanning session :
auric scanning and reading under the lines + exploring remote scanning methods
# reviewing through the corridors of logic and intuition
# planing a healing process with the skills and tools you have ; choosing appropriate healing props
# designing your personal innerwork communication board ( a practical session )

Connect with
Ritali Omrita on +91 98100 13640
Or Priyanka on 9822553204