Yoga Sutra Retreat at Yog Niketan Ashram Rishikesh 14th February to 17th February

• Learn to chant the 196 sutras with Maa( printout of the sutras will be handed in both English and Sanskrit . Recording of the chanting lessons will be allowed )

Topics for lectures and discussion :

• Yogic psychology and philosophy explained very simply• definition and purpose of Yoga
• mental modifications practice and detachment,
• what creates the basic tensions of life• means of attainment
• obstacles to progress
• the knower and the known
• awareness and the lack of it
• what is intuitive knowledge
• the limbs of patanjali yoga
• yamas in details
• niyamss in detail
• methods of controlling negative thoughts
• concentration meditation &     superconsciousness
• transformations of consciousness
• external appearances
• what are psychic powers
• individuality and it’s cause
• cosmic mind• karma , causal actions and thoughts
• theory of perception• kaivalya

Daily morning yoga practice will be with the ashram acharya
Simple vegetarian foodPrinted manual clean comfortable but simple rooms for stay, shared accommodation, can request private room on extra payment