Featured Retreats and Workshops

//Featured Retreats and Workshops

Yoga Sutras Retreat in Rishikesh February2020

Yoga Sutra Retreat at Yog Niketan Ashram Rishikesh 14th February to 17th February• Learn to chant the 196 sutras with Maa( printout of the sutras will be handed in both English and Sanskrit . Recording of the chanting lessons will be allowed )Topics for lectures and discussion :• Yogic psychology and philosophy explained very simply• [...]

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Tattva Shuddhi December 2019

At an exotic location on the banks of mother Ganga , under strong guiding wings of Maa Gyaan , be healed and experience inner calm and tranquility. We bring to you wisdom of the sages, the blessings of Nature and Consciousness. Take home the medicine of right thought. Have a deep understanding, & experience the [...]

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Practical Magick Workshop with Maa Gyaan Suveera, Delhi December 2019

When mind and body work together to fulfil an intention, magick is seen as a simple extension of this interaction. It contacts dimensions beyonds the limits normally conceived. With Love and Will we learn to use our mind, to link the different aspects of divinity together . We bring about change,  adding beauty to all [...]

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