When mind and body work together to fulfil an intention, magick is seen as a simple extension of this interaction. It contacts dimensions beyond the limits normally conceived. With Love and Will we learn to use our mind, to link the different aspects of divinity together . We bring about change, adding beauty to all the work that we do.

In this PRACTICAL MAGICK workshop, we share with you tried and tested recipes for increasing the flow of divinity in our lives and in the world around us. Come explore this magickal flowering of human potential with Maa …

  • personal power and the principles of elemental  magick and green magick
  • process of empowerment, spell,-casting , enchantment
  • creating intention capsules / customize spells / making your own spell
  • empowering herbs for healing, attracting money, love, opportunities, increase psychic powers, heighten spirituality, promote physical energy, stimulate mental activity and more
  • projects : enchanted soaps, creams, oils, brews, incenses & scrubs

It’s sheer joy to learn how to infuse happy intentions into day to day activities. It’s not manipulation, it’s not interference, its learning how to spread good healthy vibes by empowering and casting divine white energy into all that we do …

A branch of green witchery, this workshop initiates you to the practice of using herbs, oils and spices from your kitchen to create medicinal potion, tea, elexir, lucky charms, bagz , pillows, incenses, oils , creams, scrubs and a lot lot more …

come learn to celebrate , and participate in the creative ceremonies invoking mother Earth and all the elements to create your own medicinal recipes. The participants will take home a bag full of ideas+ the enchanted oil scrub and soap that we work on that day !!!
A not to be missed workshop !!!

Magickal Divination Workshop
Magickal Divination Workshop