Are you sad ? ? ? Do you wish to get back to being just cool , balanced and maybe happy too ? Sure ! Of-course ! Not simple ? not impossible either ! # tips today ….take your power back ! what’s that ? how can you have some one responsible for your happiness ? Its yours isnt it ? Move away from the victim mode and get ready for change . Here goes …..you are responsible for your own happiness , not some one , not their actions or inaction’s . 1. start a gratitude journal . Write three things every morning and three every evening that you are thank ful for , maybe for the tree out side , the sun God in the skies above , for mother earth , for your sight , for your hands that work ….any thing . and do this every day . 2. What’s your passion ? Paint , dance , sing , jog , foot ball…go take it up … no time ? 2hrs a week ? yes you can do it ! 3. Start eating healthy , go on a fitness trip . 4. Connect with an old friend . 5. join a yoga/meditation group . ……c’mon start pls…more to follow ! Trust , belief…this all is taking you to a better place !

keys to happiness


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