Date : 31st October & 01st November 20

It teaches you how to conduct classes for healing and meditation. The attunement process is taught. Methods of improving expression n communication + ethical teaching. There are kriyas which will be taught for inner growth, higher energy access, and increasing personal magnetism


# Higher cosmic responsibility, diet, and discipline for a trainer
# meditation laws
# laws for peace
# ladder of evolution
# vasanas n gunas
# shakti kriyas for balanced living
# initiation process and a practice session
# how to conduct a meditation class :
Detailed explanation with 3 options
# ethics for a tainer
# kriyas for inner growth , higher energy access and  increasing personal magnetism
# How to integrate all modalities in your practice as a trainer

From inner growth and higher energy access,  to increasing personal magnetism, this program is a shell for grooming a good Meditation teacher.

A must-do workshop for all those who wish to teach meditation to others as guides, healers and life-coaches.
Trained by the founder herself, the Ci Plus Teacher’s Training level is  not to be missed …