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I’CHING the Oracle of change

I-Ching is a system that has always been used to for predictive advise & decisions for future actions 🙏🌷🙏More importantly, though, is its use as a book of wisdom. Because the readings it gives are simple, yet elegant, profound, and intuitive, it is often consulted for its advice and insight into human nature. It [...]

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Learn Reiki : Ongoing programme

A comprehensive integrated approach to learning Reiki. This fantastic healing modality initiates you to the medicinal touch of love and care. One of the most effective, popular, and well-accepted of complementary healing modalities , Reiki Mastership with Maa Gyaan opens the doors to personal spiritual emancipation on [...]

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Advance Tarot : Journeys Into Portals

Date : 28th & 29th November 20 A beautiful blend of Indian mysticism and western Shamanic wisdom , this workshop operates from the heart of the collective wisdom of humanity. It initiates tarot readers and diviners to take journey into different energy portals, finding access to the solutions stored as capsules of wisdom [...]

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