Dr. Trupti Jayin


All of us get into a Robotic State at times. Some live in such a state.

Have you heard yourself say, ” This is the way I am.” This is a robotic statement. This indicates that change is not a possibility you are entertaining. This will get you to stay static not stable.

There are many statements that stop us from fulfilling our potential. It kills the very essence with which we are supposed to enrich and enhance our being.

A person who believes, ” Everything is pre- destined” or ” I do everything to a plan” has not been able to see a door ajar or an open window which The Lord always keeps.

Is it possible to know that what ever you are doing, can be done better. If you love someone, love him better. If you understand, know it better. If you work, work a little better. Better does not mean hard. Better just means to envisage other possibilities to make the learning better. This helps to remove you from these robotic statements which have a finale to it.

This also applies to people who keep saying, ” I listen to my inner voice.” This means no other possibility is being seen. We are standing in the middle of the universe and we must have a 360 degree vision. This helps to view the position of others from where we are. This also helps to accept different viewpoints.

Let’s stay in the centre. Let’s look for possibilities. Let’s accept probabilities. Let’s live.